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I can't thank Cameo, Mr. Herman, Ms. Sue, and the amazing staff of teachers that mentored and guided me to the successful career I have today.  I started off working for commission, built up my clientele and for the last 8 years have been on my own renting a booth.  I have found great success with all the education and motivation instilled in me from day one of class at Cameo.  I am able to make my own hours and spend time with my two children and even decided to work part time at my father's assisted living home doing the little old ladies hair...(thank GOODNESS I can do a rollerset...they DO come in handy).  Thank you Mr. Herman and Ms. Sue!!!

Amanda (Erickson) Rod | Class of October 2003 - Stylist at Salon Vis a Vis

Cameo was a great experience for me. I've been doing hair 7 years now. I still network with people that I attended Cameo with and enjoy every step along the way with this industry! I opened my own salon in November 2014. Life is good.

Amber Kinzie | Owner of Cuts-N-Glam Salon in Justice, Illinois

I must say that I have no doubt that I went to one of the best beauty academy there is. I feel like when I graduated I was ready to work and build up a clientele right away. After working in a salon for less than three years I was ready to go on my own. Ten years later being a single mother of two teenage girls I am able to work three and a half days a week and be my own boss. I own my home and I am able to travel at least four times a year... I could not accomplish all of that without getting the best education at the one and only Cameo Beauty Academy! Thank you Mr. Herman and Ms. Sue and all the wonderful teachers.

Anna Ramirez | Stylist

After graduating high school in 1992, I signed up immediately for Cameo Beauty Academy. The support I received from Herman and Ms. Pat not only got me through the schooling, but also gave me the skills and confidence I needed to further my career. And furthering my career is exactly what I did. I became self employed in 1996 and owned my own salon at 21 years old. Fast forwarding to 2007 I was offered the opportunity to be on a television show called "Shear Genius". This show was on the Bravo Network. I was a hairdressing competition reality show. I competed on the show, and was the 1st runner up in Season One of the show. Since then, “Shear Genius” has played in 44 countries. I travel internationally for a product company doing fashion events and education. Several years ago I was voted one of the 50 most influential hairdressers in the country. Back in 1992 when I started at Cameo, I would never in a million years thought I would become this successful. I owe it all to a man named Herman Harrison who told me early on, THAT THIS CAREER WOULD CHANGE MY LIFE.

Ben Mollin | Multi Salon Owner, International Platform Artist with Iso/Joico, And "Shear Genius" Finalist

Okay! So, I have to gush. I am FINALLY in a full service salon after four years of taking care of my family. I completed a 3 month apprenticeship and was made a full stylist a month ago. I am already getting 5 star online reviews. My books are filling so quickly that they will be raising my prices shortly. It's amazing and humbling. There were so many times over the last few years, since I left Cameo, that I wanted to walk away from cosmetology. It would have been easier to, instead of admitting that I was nearly debilitated by anxiety, that I did not have faith in my skills... I finally put myself into a salon that I had a feeling would treat me well, and who would be patient with me... My growth has been exponential! I am excited to go to work. I am satisfied at the end of my day (even if it was frustrating). I am making enough money to support myself completely AND pay down my student loans. I mean... it's like a dream come true. I just needed to find the right place to work. I have met so many stylists who went to "bigger, name-brand" schools and they barely know the difference between a shear and a comb. (Truly.) We've talked about how they were just a number among so many. How their teachers didn't know their names or care about their lives. They scraped by their education with their bare minimums. I was away from cosmetology for FOUR YEARS and I could still hear Cameo teachers in my head, telling me to keep my wrists straight, to lift my elbows when I blow dry, to pay attention to my elevation. Cameo is small, but mighty, and not a day goes by right now that I'm not grateful for the teachers there, or the quality of my education. There is so much more to cosmetology than I ever believed. I'm looking into donating my services to domestic violence shelters in the city, so I can give back to my community. The move industry is huge in New Mexico, and they're always looking for stylists and makeups artists. I still do theatrical make-up and hair design for local theater companies, too. It's... endless. I just wanted to say thank you for all the support, all the training, all the patience. I'd recommend Cameo a million times over to anyone who is serious about becoming a strong cosmetologist.  All My Love from the Desert.

Courtney Butler | Stylist at Studio N and NS Studio Salon, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hi everyone, my name is Dorthi, and I graduated Cameo Beauty Academy 7 years ago! If you're passionate about becoming a cosmetologist, this is the school for you! The staff at Cameo is made up of friendly, knowledgeable, passionate and talented teachers! I looked forward going to school everyday to the point where I had perfect attendance; it felt like a second home. I used to work for an upscale salon downtown Chicago, but now I have my own business, working as an Editorial and Wedding hairstylist.

Dorthi Szczechowicz-Koscielniak | Owner/Stylist www.hairbydorthi.com

Hi, my name is Evelyn Rodriguez, and I graduated from Cameo in 2012.  A am a busy mother of 2 who thought It would be impossible to achieve a career at the age of 36.  Hair was always my passion, my dream, but I never thought I could make it happen.  After meeting with Mr Herman I was reassured that going through the cosmetology program at Cameo was the direction I wanted to take.  Mr Herman explained everything in detail and took the time to answer all my questions.  I am extremely happy with the eduction I received at Cameo.  I can't say enough about all of the wonderful teachers I had the pleasure to learn under.  I not only learned the fundamentals, but the hands-on experience was remarkable.  I have not run across any other stylist that attended other schools that had as much Hands-On with different hair types as I did at Cameo.  Mr Herman and Ms Sue are amazing people that genuinely care about their students.  After graduating beauty school and obtaining my license, I started the associates program at Lisa Thomas Salon.  I was fortunate enough to work under the owner Lisa Thomas for 8 months before being promoted to an entry level stylist,and a month later to a level 1 stylist.  I am currently working on becoming a level 2 stylist and could not love my job more.  I am blessed to have had such wonderful mentors and be able to do what I love and only continue to grow more everyday.

Evelyn Rodriguez | Stylist at LisaThomas Salon

Thank you "Cameo Beauty Academy" for the best hair education ever. I'm very happy doing hair ever since I graduated!! I do hair from home and also work with a great team of stylists at Sport Clips in Glen Ellyn. Great Memories at Cameo.

Jeanette Bonilla | Stylist

I always speak highly of cameo, the dedication of the teachers here was and I'm sure still is amazing. It's been 11 years since I've graduated, and I've had great success. I managed a salon for 7 years and now I am a salon owner myself, I opened The Hair Zoo 2yrs ago  I owe a big THANK YOU to Cameo for a great education.

Jennifer Lynn Baranski | Owner of the The Hair Zoo, Joliet Illinois

I loved being a student at Cameo.

Karima Isa | Stylist

After a long search of beauty schools I landed at Cameo Beauty Academy, and I am very glad that I did. I graduated in December of 2010, and thanks to the great education I received from everyone, from Mr. Herman and Ms. Sue, to all of the teachers, I was able to start my career right away. I started working for a small local salon as an assistant to the owner. After about 6 months I started working for a Hair Cuttery, and after about a month of work I was asked to be a key holder. I realized after about a year that a women’s salon was not the best fit for myself in my career and decided to apply for a position with Sport Clips. I started with Sport Clips in September of 2012, and moved up to Key Holder. In March of 2013 I moved to Maryland, was able to transfer to another Sport Clips location, where I remained Key Holder. In September of 2013 I was promoted to Assistant Manager. As of January 1st 2014, I became the Manager of my store and I am writing this from my hotel room at the Sport Clips National Huddle in Houston! None of this would have been possible without the knowledge that was passed onto me from everyone I came in contact with at Cameo. I am so glad that I chose Cameo because I was actually able to work with lots of clients on a day to day basis. THANK YOU SO MUCH CAMEO!!

Katie Wittkamper | Manager Sport Clips Lexington Park, Maryland

When I graduated high school I began my search for the perfect beauty school. I didn't want to choose a school based on location. I chose a school based on reputation and their success rates. That is exactly why I chose to drive 45 minutes each way, every day, to Cameo Beauty Academy. Sure I could have gone to a school that was 10 minutes away, but I didn't. The moment I sat down with Herman, I knew this was where I belonged. He answered every question thoroughly and made me feel like I was part of a family. He made me feel like MY decision, was the right decision. He made me feel comfortable. After choosing Cameo, I quickly learned that the family feel expanded far beyond Mr. Herman. The teachers were fabulous! They helped me so much, with compassion and understanding.  Whenever I would get frustrated, they were there to walk me through it and never made me feel like a burden. The staff didn't just teach you how to do a haircut or how to apply eyeliner, they taught you real life experiences. I found that their personal life stories helped also. I am happily married and have a 10 month old son, and I am able to juggle being a wife, mother and hairstylist. This career I have chosen feels more like a hobby THAT I GET PAID TO DO! There is no greater feeling than going to work happy every day.  When I went on an interview at my current salon, they asked me where I went to school. When I told them Cameo, they raised their brows and smiled. I came to find out later on, that when you say you are from Cameo, that is a good thing! I was literally hired on the spot!!! I now work with 3 other Cameo graduates. I am proud to say that, 8 years later, I am now a head designer and senior stylist at the Jeffrey LaMorte Salon and Spa in Orland Park. I have taken classes with some of the greatest artists that our industry has to offer, such as the Doves, Nick Arrojo & Cameo graduate and star of Shear Genius, Ben Mollin. I have also had my work featured on BehindTheChair.com.  I owe my success, 100%, to the Staff at Cameo. Without them I don't know where I would be. I keep in touch with most of the teachers because to me, they weren't just teachers, they were family. They still to this day, support and encourage me! Along with congratulating me on my success along the way. I truly feel that they are proud of me and I am proud to say that I am a Cameo Alum!

Laurie Cepkauskas | Class of 2007

My name is Mandy and I graduated from Cameo in 2011. I am the manager at a Great Clips and loving it! I am so lucky that I received my cosmetology education at Cameo Beauty Academy. All of the teachers there are so awesome and helpful. One person that I will always remember is Mr. Herman. He is co-owner of the school, and a delight to be around. He always made time to talk and explain things I didn't understand. The teachers are just amazing and I still talk to them to this day. If I have a formulation problem or want to bounce ideas off of them, they still help me out. Cameo is one of the best schools around! I can’t tell you how many times we got a transfer in from another beauty school because they weren't learning anything at the previous school, and was so happy to be at Cameo. There is no way you can be disappointed going to Cameo, and you will succeed with the education they give you.

Mandy Weisgerber | Manager at Great Clips

My name is Mary McIntyre. I am from the graduating class of 1992. Attending Cameo was the best decision for me. I learned a trade that has been good to me for 22 years now. Herman and Sue are wonderful teachers who are supportive and will push when needed. If I had to go back and do it again I would choose Cameo over and over again. I now have my own business as a traveling stylist and still love every minute of it!

Mary McIntyre | Stylist

I am a firm believer in praise and having people feel good about themselves. Mr. Herman and his staff have always placed building the character up first above all else. Without confidence, you will go nowhere. I can honestly say I grew so much while I was at Cameo and am still growing. One day without learning something new, equals stagnant.

Melissa Fulkerson | Salon Leader Haircuttery, Alsip, IL

Cameo Beauty Academy is where everything started for Me! Mr. Herman and Ms. Sue are awesome and have always made me feel welcomed when I’ve been back to visit . As are all the educators I had the privilege to get instructed by. I had a dream and Cameo gave me the knowledge and confidence to go for it. I've played many rolls and worn many hats in this profession (some things I thought I would never do!)  But I got to experience them .I've been a Hair Stylist for 12 years and counting ...I love what I do:)

Nelson Matos | Stylist

10 years ago I graduated from Cameo Beauty Academy and I can’t imagine my life any different. Cameo gave me the education and all the passion that comes from this career. Since then, I’ve been a successful hairstylist. After Cameo I started out at a salon where I assisted. That gave me that behind the chair confidence I needed. Then went to work as a full time/ full service hairstylist. After building up my clientele, I made the decision to become a renter! It has ups and down just like any job, but my passion and drive keeps me going! This career is only what you make of it, so don’t give up on continuing education or going outside the box sometimes!! I’m proud to say, I've been successful for 5 yrs now as a renter/small business owner and still loving hair after 10yrs!! Thanks CAMEO. Graduated October 17, 2003.

Nikki Hath | Owner of the "If Looks Could Kill Salon" at Sola Salon Suites

Cameo Beauty Academy laid the foundation for my successes in this industry. After completing Cameo’s training, I began to work for the Mario Tricoci Hair Salon & Day Spas, which then led me to continue my tenure with Cameo when I received my Educator License .  For the past fifteen years with Mario Tricoci Salons I have earned the distinguished awards of Stylist and Educator of the Year. The strong foundation and passion I possess for this industry has given me opportunities to work as a creative team member for professional photo shoots which have been featured for branding billboards and international magazines. Cameo Beauty Academy is a unique place where education, guidance and mentoring does not stop when you graduate. Mr. Herman, Ms. Sue, Ms. Pat, and the entire staff continue their supportive relationship with their students, as WE are the professionals that represent their hard work and passion for the beauty industry.

Sarah Koseck | 2013 and 2014 Stylist/Educator of the Year for Mario Tricoci Hair Salons and Day Spas

After everyone telling me I should go to college, I followed my heart and made the decision to go to cosmetology school instead. I graduated Cameo Beauty Academy in 2004 and was very happy with my choice to attend there. Between the education I received in class and the hands on experience I gained from clients that would come in, I left feeling confident to start my journey in the beauty industry. In 2010 I started my own business called Goddess Effect Artistry. I get to travel to hotels around Chicago to do hair and makeup on bridal parties, have had the opportunity to work on celebrities, and also get hired out of state to do hair and makeup. Because of Cameo Beauty Academy, I graduated with the talent and inspiration to follow my dreams. I would definitely recommend Cameo to anyone interested in pursuing cosmetology as their career.

Tracy Keller | Owner of Goddess Effect Artistry

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