What to Expect When You Expect to Become a Cosmetologist

"Have your friends ever told you that you have a knack for hairstyling, hair color, makeup or nails? Do you see your beauty routine as a chance to be creative with your own hair color, hair style and appearance? A career in cosmetology and the beauty industry is a rewarding opportunity for driven, artistic individuals."

There is no other industry like the beauty industry. Where else are creative artists empowered to put themselves on the path to business ownership while also boosting clients’ self-esteem and following their passion every day?

As a hairstylist/cosmetologist, you have the opportunity to work for yourself and achieve financial independence by building a list of dedicated clients. However, in order to get and keep those clients, your talent for hair, nails and makeup must be refined into skills that will keep your competitive in this popular job field.

Today’s cosmetologist must have a comprehensive, hands-on understanding of chemistry, aesthetics, health and sanitation, and business and communication skills. International salons with powerful brand recognition behind them, such as Redken 5th Avenue, prefer to recruit stylists who have been trained in specialized programs to meet exacting standards. These programs can last up to a year, not including the time it takes to be certified by your state.

Even after completing their training and certification, professional stylists must work to stay on top of all the trends in the ever-changing worlds of beauty and fashion, while also retaining their knowledge of classic looks.  In one day, a cosmetologist might be tasked with a full manicure-pedicure, followed by a perm (strong chemicals!) or drastic haircolor processing (black to blonde, anyone?) Knowing or not knowing how to complete the latest cuts, trendy haircolor shades or highlighting techniques may make all the difference in whether you snag (or lose!) new clients.

Salon owners are always on the lookout for creative, hard-working stylists to bring new customers into their store.  Achieving success in the beauty industry is all about building and maintaining a good reputation so that your established clients become your best word-of-mouth advertisers. The first step is to get the right training!



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