Turn Your Hobby Into Your Career--Why You Should Pursue Cosmetology Professionally

When you love what you do as a career, it doesn’t feel like a job anymore. This proves true in all fields, and prompts us to try and find that thing that we love so we can turn it into a source of income. For many, they've already stumbled on that golden goose egg and they don’t even know it. We’re referring, of course, to the thousands (if not more) of people who are obsessed with beauty and improving personal image, but haven’t yet thought to turn that into their full time job. And we’ve got news for you: Cosmetology is in a unique niche where your chances of loving your hobby actually increase when you turn professional rather than decrease. Here’s why:

1. Increased Opportunities

Do you love beautifying others as a hobby but sometimes find yourself without new “canvases” to work with? As a professional you’ll have access to far more people to work with, whether you are a nail tech at a salon or makeup and hair artist at a wedding or catwalk. Going pro doesn’t lose you the people you have, rather it opens up the pool to add far more people for you to work on in the future. In addition, you open yourself up to the opportunity of working with high profile people--A-listers who are looking for licensed professionals and would love your work if only you could get into that circle. As a pro, you can.

2. Financial Freedom

Did you know that students who go to school for their cosmetology hobbies are able to get better, higher paying jobs after they complete the certification? It’s true. Higher caliber salons and jobs are waiting to see what you can do, but many of them will not hire you until you’re certified. It’s a shame to lose out on so many opportunities when you could instead firm up your skills and show up with not just your incredible passion, but the certification to back it up. At that point, any salon or job should be honored to have you. 

3. Discover New Facets & Options

Often, people discover their passions in the beauty industry in a single outlet--whether that be hair or nails, or esthetics. In a cosmetology school you get the opportunity to explore all the facets of the beauty industry. This allows you to make an informed decision which aspects of the job light your fire and which parts you can now say you’ve tried, but don’t quite cut it. If you’re really lucky, you’ll discover a new facet of cosmetology that you love just as much or possibly even more than the one you’re currently practicing on the side. And once you’re licensed, you’re able to practice your first love as well as any new loves you picked up along the way.

4. Make People Beautiful for a Living

So many people’s lives are changed or enhanced by the beauty industry. There are so many stories out there of barbers giving homeless people professional makeovers that land them job interviews and pull them out of poverty, or cosmetology teachers going into the prison system to uplift the inmates lives and help them believe in themselves again. But even if you aren’t actively overhauling someone’s life, you don’t know the effect of your work on others. Even when you’re just dusting a little extra blush on a happy bride, you’re making a difference, whether or not you see it. At every level, making people feel beautiful and happy with themselves is a special job, and there’s no reason you should deny yourself a place in that market.  

5. Drop That Side Gig

Drop your side gig, or every day will feel like a chore. Why dread going to work every day when your job doesn’t have to feel like work at all, but instead a labor of love? When you have purpose and passion for what you do, your life becomes more meaningful and fulfilling on a daily basis. Besides, with full cosmetology training? You could be earning more than what you currently make. How can you say no to that?

In conclusion, we say go for it! Who better to take the world or cosmetology by storm than those who already love to do it before money even enters the picture? That’s right--no one. You are already primed to be the best at this profession, so why not take it to the next level? Get the skills to back up your passion today by signing up for Cameo Beauty Academy!  


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