Top Summer Hair and Nail Trends 2020

Despite the fact that it’s been unseasonably chilly in many places, summer is still on its way! In an attempt to inspire the weather to get with the program, we’ve put together a list of our favorite upcoming nail and hair trends, as well as a few tips on how to recreate them for clients! If you’re still stuck in quarantine and not yet visiting with clients, no matter! Keep your brand alive by filming video tutorials to post on your social media, either by trying the looks on yourself or family, if they’re available and willing (and who wouldn’t be, once they see these looks!) 

Let’s start with hair!

1. Deep Side Part

We mean DEEP. And razor sharp as well, as these side parts are not messing around. These side parts are crazy popular right now, featured in many spring 2020 runway looks, and there are many ways to work them, whether in a wet hair look, or free flowing. Make sure the part is clean and distinct, and far more to the side than what we’ve previously seen--if the forehead is divided into ten sections, think an 8:2 part. 

2. Braided Pigtails

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. Braided pigtails? Are we five?? But wait up a minute, because braided pigtails are back for all ages again. They can even be paired with suits and formal wear. Feel free to experiment in how you implement the pigtail braids, whether you start the braid at the base of the head, or french braid it from the center part is up to you.

3. Hair Bling 

Pearl inserts, golden cuffs, sparkling flowers… The sky's the limit so far as hair bling is concerned right now. Golden vine clips, rhinestone hair combs, even stick-on glitter has been seen on celebrity hairstyles this spring and is expected to continue at least through the summer, so look forward to and have fun with it! This look is best for special events or glam vacationers, since it can be heavier than the average out and about hairstyle and the bling needs to be kept track of, much like any other jewelry. But clients who give it a shot won’t regret it; it’s an incredible statement piece to complete any look of ensemble!

4. Tousled Waves

These are EVERYWHERE. The tousled wave is deceptively complicated, and achieves a simple, ready-for-anything look. This look works for any length of hair, whether it’s a chin length bob, or free falling waves down the back or side. This is a great look for vacationers, formal events, or even a night at the club and is low maintenance to maintain once you’ve created it for your clients. Be ready to hear requests for this look from everywhere.

5. Braided Ponytail

The braided ponytail is great because it can be used for both formal and informal events. Tight braids travel from the front of the head into a high or low ponytail. This style is great for keeping hair from flying wild in the summer breeze, and lasts for a good while so long as the client knows how to take care of it.

And now, for the Nails!

1. The Detail

This simple but elegant look is accomplished by coating the nails with a clear, nude, or relatively light colored polish and then adding a small detail--usually in one corner of the nail, on all five nails. It’s so simple, yet so elegant and is incredibly customizable to evening wear, special event decals, or just a fun pop of color to spruce up any ensemble. The options for customizing this are limitless, so pick a detail and go nuts!

2. Candied French Manicure

We’ve previously covered the new, colorful French manicure, but we’re back to give it another shoutout! It’s so fun, and is open to a thousand different varieties thanks to the opening of the color palette from just a few colors to ANY color you want! Really, it’s no wonder this trend is still hot. To create, simply give a French manicure the way you usually would, but instead of going with the standard clear or nude with a white tip, improvise with whatever your client asks, or post online and ask your followers on social media which colors they’d like to see put together.

3. Super Colors

Hot pink and blue animal prints, thin stripes of every color of the rainbow, it’s all in right now! Let your inner tie-dye enthusiast loose to create wild bursts of color on the nail. You can stripe, you can polka dot, leopard print, artistic free-form shapes, anything! The only limit on this one is your client’s tastes and your imagination! These are best for casual days or fun parties where the moods aren’t muted and the dress isn’t black tie. Your clients will be happy to take these designs to the club, a night out, or even bring a pop of fun to their everyday lives.

4. Metallics

This one is neat because it can be worn both for casual dress and formal events. Any shade of metal is in now--gold, silver, copper, bronze--and they can even be mixed and matched to create a unique look. No longer is this design limited to a complete coat either: We’ve seen a thin, jagged gold detail added to the edges of a nude manicure for a truly elegant, one-of-a-kind nail. 

5. Logos

Logos and lettering are HOT right now, and not just as an accent nail! These cool fonts can be applied either with a brush (if you’re exceptionally good) or as stickers with a top coat. And don’t limit yourself to a single logo per manicure! Pick something new for each hand, creating a fun mix of fonts and letters. The accent nail is a great place to put a neat, print-like pattern to help break up the mix and create a cohesive look throughout the hand.

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