The Hottest Hairstyle Trends of Autumn 2020 

Stay sharp, folks! Autumn 2020 Hair is taking inspiration from some of the best moments of the last few decades and we are here for it! Read on so you know what to look forward to:


1. 70’s Hair: Modern Shag, Middle Part & Choppy Bangs

70’s hair is having a BIG moment in fall of 2020! It isn’t exactly the same, it’s been updated, but the concepts are back. The modern shag is a perfect example--a bit of waves with choppy bangs. Choppy bangs are also making a comeback all their own, which is good news for clients who don’t have ultra-thick hair. Middle parts with hair down are back in a big way as well, which is easy for clients to restyle after you’ve given them a flattering cut to go with it. Those of us who were missing 70’s hair can rejoice!


2. Deep Side Part

This trend has been coasting through all of 2020 so far, and it’s not stopping in Autumn. The deep part is still very much on trend and fun to accessorize with more of our 2020 hair trends (see below.) This look has been styled with hair down, and is also incorporated into updos--buns and ponytails--and even braids. Have fun with this one while it’s still alive. Although seeing how long its popularity has already lasted, you might just have the chance to play around with this style for a while.


3. Minimal Waves

This goes back to that 70’s look, although the 70’s don’t have the only claims to this hairstyle. Nothing says “I had a great summer” like your hair looking as though you just stepped out of a breezy day on the beach. This look is relatively easy to style using a curler, or even a regular straightening iron, and works for hair of multiple lengths, though the bob to medium hair length seems to be the most on-trend. This simple hair look also pairs well with many hair accessory choices (and read further to see what’s trending in the hair accessories department!)


4. Asymmetrical Bob

Party on one side, formal one the other? We love this look! It’s cute and sophisticated and relatively easy to care for! Style your asymmetrical bob with a deep part and you have a look that works for a casual day out as well as formal events. 


5. Half Up

Half up is back! And there are a thousand directions to go with this trend: Half braid, half pony, half bun. Also the location of the half is unlimited: a half-pony tied low, casually falling into the rest of your hair, or a high bun that makes a statement on the top of your head while the rest of your hair falls down behind it. Runway models have been showing off this look in every possible fashion, so don’t be afraid to have fun with it! 


6. New Finger Waves

It isn’t just the 70’s that are having a moment in fall of 2020. 40’s era finger waves have returned and while they can be a bit tricky to learn how to style, they look incredible. This is one of the looks that isn’t your best friend on a casual day out, but will add elegance, and a classic romantic feel to your formal event or special occasion. The look is a little different from how it was styled in the 40’s--the curls are a bit looser and the hair length can be more varied than the traditional bob haircut, but the decadent feel of Prohibition Era fashion remains, and we are here for it.


7. Hair Ribbons & Bows

We did mention a few times that we would talk accessories, right? These last three items--while not hair cuts or styles--are important, because hair accessorizing is returning and it is here to make statements! Starting with hair ribbons and bows. They’re everywhere now. And not thin ones either, we’re talking thick statement ribbons and bows of all different fabrics and ribbon types: Large, soft velvet ponytail bows, sheer organza ivory hair ribbons, the lot. Have fun with this one, as it can be styled casually, or added as the finishing touch of a formal ensemble.


8. Glam Headbands

Have you had those loud headbands waiting in your drawer since the 90’s, wondering when they’d become popular again? Wait no longer! Statement headbands are on the runways and all over Instagram, and they work with literally everything. They can be used to match an outfit, or even in place of jewelry in some cases. If you ever find yourself not feeling up to elaborate hairstyles in the morning, throw a statement headband on and let it do the styling for you. 

9. Hair Clips

These are all about FUN. Clips are gaining popularity now in every size, color and type. Small hair clips are enjoying a moment in evening ensembles--simple, beaded, a touch of luxury to complete a deep side part perhaps? And many fashion brands have gotten in on the fun, selling chunky, branded hair clips to add both pizzazz and class to your style. And colors, colors, colors are the name of the game! Neon? Go for it. Wood and metal tones? Complete that 70’s look! Pastels? Formal wear time. There is no way to go wrong with this one except to not try it. 

With these fun fall looks, hair maintenance has never been simpler! Throwbacks from many great eras of hair are all back at the same time and we couldn’t be happier. Don’t be shocked when your clients come in looking for these looks to be cut or styled, and maybe consider having a little fun with your own hair too! Happy styling! 


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