The Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

All Cameo Beauty School graduates have incredible opportunities as soon as they are certified. They can join high quality salons all over the USA. They can also open their own salons or become exclusive stylists and beauticians by appointment. While there is risk involved in striking out on your own, there can also be incredible advantages. Today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of being your own boss.


Autonomy--make your own rules, both as a business owner and a boss

This one might be the most obvious, but it cannot be overstated: While it does come with a much larger responsibility, there is nothing quite like the freedom of being able to make your own rules. Most of us have had at least one or two (or more!) work experiences where we weren’t completely comfortable with all the rules in the employee handbook, or had to conform to a company policy that we disagreed with. When you’re at the helm, you set all the rules, the company vibe, the expectations, and the equipment. And at the end of the day, you take home all the profit, instead of a predetermined amount set in a contract.


Set Your Own Work Hours

Hate working on the weekends? Done! Do you thrive in early mornings? Booked! As your own boss, you can set the hours you want and search out the jobs that match. This applies to both personal salon hours and if you choose to be a personal stylist. Like with everything, moderation is key, and you might have trouble finding clients if you choose your hours to be say, from midnight to four in the morning, but having the option to be that flexible already relieves pressure and allows you to make your days your own, instead of locking in and out on someone else’s schedule.


Control Your Locations and Commute

No longer are you at the mercy of morning commutes to locations you did not choose. Some people even run salons out of their own homes if they have the room for it, and don’t mind clients visiting them in their personal space. Otherwise, if you’re a personal stylist, pick clients close to home, or rent out salon space a short commute away. On the opposite end of the spectrum, this also works if you want to start out somewhere fresh, really far from home. As your own boss, you can choose to close the shades on one location and reopen in your new dream city.


Creative Freedom

What’s your aesthetic? Is your passion in hair, makeup, skincare, nails, some of these, all of these? As your own boss, the sky's the limit as far as picking your focus. Do you want to be known as the best rainbow hair dye in the county? The best photography makeup? Best gel manicure? Pick your favorite elements of cosmetology to pursue and make them your niche, free from expectations of a boss, or a salon’s already-set esthetic and focus. 


Satisfaction and Motivation

It’s hardly surprising that, what with all the benefits stated above, you will find yourself more motivated to come to work every day. Being your own boss comes with both positive and negative motivations. On the positive side, you’ve just created your own ideal work environment, and can tweak it whenever you’d like to suit your needs, so there should be nothing at work that you dread. On the negative side, no one is picking up the slack if you don’t show up, and you will find yourself feeling the push to make sure to get things done, knowing that without you this ship sinks.  

This is just one of the many ways in which cosmetology school sets you free to pursue your passion. If it’s beauty, we’ll help you nurture your talent and skills so you can choose what speaks to you, and then you are free to choose how you pursue it. Free yourself from soulless office jobs, and the crunch of the daily grind by signing up for classes at Cameo Beauty Academy, taking the first step toward being your own best asset, and your own boss.

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