Scholarships and Financial Aid for Cosmetology School

For many of us, times are tight. You have your beauty school dreams and you want to pursue them, but your current finances or savings might be enough to get you all the way there. You’re not alone--more and more students apply for financial aid every year in order to complete schooling, whether it’s for college degrees or vocational schools like cosmetology school. Here are five sources--going from macro to specific--where you can get financial assistance to ensure that tight finances don’t get in the way of your dreams.

1. FAFSA and Government Financial Aid

Signing up for government financial aid through FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for your schooling is almost a must. They have streamlined the signup process, so that if you have your personal information you can sign up fairly quickly and painlessly, often in about an hour. Almost every student that signs up is eligible for generous grants and/or loans toward their schooling, and this can go a long way to getting you where you need to be financially.For more information to how to begin applying for FAFSA aid, reach out to Cameo Beauty Academy's Admissions department at 708-636-4660. They're ready and happy to help you complete this step.

2. Scholarships Specifically for Beauty School 

There are scholarships available specifically for students who want to go to beauty and cosmetology school. The Alice Madden Barton Scholarship Program is for all students in beauty programs for cosmetology or barbering. The Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Foundation offers $1000 scholarships for cosmetology students as well. The list goes on: The PBA/NCA Sally Beauty Scholarship offers $1000 and $500 scholarships, the Minerva Beauty Scholarship and the Smooth and Shine Cosmetology Scholarship, both offered through the Professional Beauty Association/National Cosmetology Association, the Fred Luster Sr. Education Foundation Scholarship, which offers $250 scholarships for beauty and cosmetology students, and more. 

3. Situation-Specific & Out-of-the-Box Scholarships

This part becomes a unique scavenger hunt for scholarships that apply specifically to who you are and your situation in life. These scholarships can be as general as a scholarship for women (Talbot’s Women’s Scholarship Fund which can offer up to $10,000), and people of various ethnicities and home backgrounds. They can also be as specific as scholarships specifically for the children of strawberry farmers in California (California Strawberry Growers' Fund Scholarships, up to $5,000). There are even scholarships for people of certain heights (Tall Clubs International, serving women 5”10 and men 6”2 and taller) or for being the firstborn in your family. There are also assistive scholarships for students who are LGBTQ+, who are from a specific country or state, who have experienced homelessness in their lives, who are dealing with mental illness, or whose parents have worked for certain companies, like Chevron and Burger King. For many traits that you were born with or situations you were born into, you could be earning money toward your schooling.

4. Scholarships from Your School of Choice

Individual schools often offer scholarships to worthy students. These scholarships are often for incoming students, but many scholarships are applied as rebates for students successfully completing the course and receiving certification in their craft. Here at Cameo Beauty academy, we offer a generous scholarship for students signing up for the first time as well as a Cosmetology Completion Scholarship for students who successfully complete our program!

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