Prom Trends 2020--Hair and Makeup Edition

It’s prom time! Every year around March, prom comes around and everyone scurries to find the perfect date and the perfect outfit. But the devil is in the details, and in the search for that dress and prep for the perfect promposal, it’s important not to neglect the crucial finishing touches--makeup and hair! Here are this year’s prom makeup and hair fashions for 2020!


Monochromatic Match:

Match your makeup color--the eye shadow highlights and even lipstick--to your dress color. It will make your face pop with color and draw attention to your ensemble as a whole package. Swipe right!




Dramatic Blue Eyes:

This is a great one if you’re going for a simpler cut and styled dress or a pantsuit. Swipe a shimmery blue glitter all over the lids and blend into your lash line to create a bold blue outline around the eye that pops and adds a splash of color and intrigue to your formal look.




Bold Berry Lip:

Not everyone enjoys a bright red lip. Sometimes it doesn’t match the skin tone, the dress, or you’re just not feeling like it. A berry colored lip offers an excellent alternative! It’s fun, it pops, and it goes great with a lot of styles and colors!




Goth Lips:

This one is tricky, and it works best in formalwear if you keep the rest of your makeup on the simpler side. But if you’re ready for that commitment, boy does this make a statement! You can opt for an actual black lipstick, or go for an almost black, like a deep, dark purple if it matches your dress. 




Barely There Makeup:

Keeping it simple has never been more in style! While this look does incorporate makeup, it aims to show off your features. No baking, no colors that don’t naturally occur on your face. This keeps it simple with a little blush, a nude lip, and a dab of eyeliner, letting your natural features shine. 



Cat Eye.

Cat eyes are coming back in a big way! Keep it shaped right above the eye, or go bold and over the top, lining both the top and bottom lids! Use it as a statement piece to your makeup, opting for a simple gloss to match, No cat-eye is too dramatic this year, so long as it compliments your overall look and your face. Have fun with it!




Low Ponytail.

This look is simple but romantic. Keep the pony low centered or have it off to one side. This adds a sleek element to your prom look and is great for long-haired ladies who want to keep things simple. The rest of the hair should come into this tight, so make sure to pull it back snugly and let all the flow happen in the ponytail.

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Pinned On One Side.

This style is great if you want to have one less thing to worry about fussing over on prom night. It looks beautiful, and takes no time at all to complete. Simple leave your hair down, in whatever type--straight, wavy, curly, doesn’t matter--and pin one side back. We recommend using a pin that matches your outfit, whether it be color or style or both, to pull the look together. This is literally as easy as it gets and it looks great!

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Pinned Curls.

Not to be confused with “pin curls.” This look is great for anyone with natural curls looking to give them their moment to shine. Split your hair horizontally into three sections and secure each section with an elastic (think Rey from star Wars.) Then finish by pinning up your curls to hide the elastics from view. 

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Half up Bun. 

This looks works with literally ANY hair type and it's so simple! But that doesn't mean it isn't beautiful and elegant and it goes with so many dress and makeup choices. Simply pull your hair back the way you would with a half-ponytail and wrap it into a bun. We recommend leaving a few wisps out to complete the look.



Cornrow Braids With Ponytail.

This look is fun and elegant and great for anyone who wants to embrace their natural hair. To achieve it, create a deep side part and french braid your hair until it reaches right behind your ear. Then pull all those lush curls into a ponytail, and you’re done!

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High Bun Wrapped in a Braid:

This is chic and elegant, and great for anyone with longer hair looking to keep it off the neck. This one takes practice to achieve (or you can bring the photo to your local hair stylist) but the look is a keeper--just remember not to let it look too perfect. A few wispy hairs here and there completes this look.




Vintage Curls.

Retro, vintage prom dress wearers, we see you! Complete that look with a bright red lip and retro curls. To give this look some edge, pin back the sides and let it all flow down the middle, leaving just a few curls to pin up at the top. This will be just the accent to make your ensemble the look for the evening.

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