Nail It! Care for Your Nails this Winter and Be Ready for OPI’s Spring ’15 Collection

Are your nails discolored, damaged or just in need of a color intervention? Just as with your hair, the faster your nails grow and the more damage they endure, the more they will need professional maintenance.  This is especially important to remember as the weather gets colder and the air indoors gets more hot and dry.

Of course, there are all sorts of off-the-shelf products and potions you can use yourself, but only a professional Manicurist or Cosmetologist can determine the best course of care for your unique nails, make them look their best, and help you best maintain their health.

There are also several things you can do to care for your nails in between visits to the salon. If you have dry, cracked or brittle nails, take a moment to examine non-acetone and other varieties of polish remover the next time you’re shopping for toiletries. You may also consider taking supplements for vitamins A, C and E, but most medical authorities agree it’s more effective if you consume vitamin-rich foods themselves. (Be sure to check with your doctor if you have seriously brittle or discolored nails, as this is often a sign of vitamin deficiency.) Wait to file or trim your nails until right after you get out of the shower. This is when their most flexible and least susceptible to unintended breakage. Also, be sure to wear gloves when using household chemicals, especially bleach.

For the polish junkies who are missing the hues of summer already and needing a quick color fix, fret no longer: You don’t have to wait until April to preview the newest collection by OPI Nail Lacquer. Inspired by the perennially-warm paradise of Hawaii, the spring/summer 2015 lineup includes lush jewel tones – tropical-forest greens, oceanic blues, hothouse-flower reds and oranges --  as well as a few pearlescent pinks and some pastel shades. Among them is “That’s Hula-rious!”, a mint pastel shade that made its runway debut at New York Fashion Week last month with designer Charlotte Ronson’s showcase.

Remember, healthy nails underneath can make a big difference in your manicure, so see your Manicurist or Cosmetologist for the best advice on how to keep your fingertips healthy this fall!

A great product to help with soft, or dry brittle nails is OPI Nail Envy.  It works great.

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