How Your Clients Can Prep For Their Makeup Appointment

Clients will often ask you what they need to do to be best prepared for their makeup appointment. Here's a list:

1. Moisturize Beforehand

You can always put on some moisturizer for the client that forgets this step, but if they’ve already got down a reliable moisturizing routine with products that are guaranteed to work, there’s no reason for your client not to use them. Moisturizing is an important step to prime the skin before you add product, so recommend your client take care of this at home before they arrive.

2. Bring A Moodboard

Before arriving, the client should go online and prepare a mood board or a series of photos of what kind of look they are going for. This can be Instagram photos, or celebrity red carpet looks, anything that they want to look like. Remind them that you might take some liberties with the exact look (for instance, if the social media influencer has different skin color or tone, their choices of colors might not work well for your client.) The client should also bring photos of the outfit and jewelry they plan to wear with the makeup. 

In addition to bringing the looks that they like, your client should also bring photos of looks that they definitely do not like. And encourage them to be specific--often clients will worry that they come across as bossy. While they should be willing to be flexible, there’s no harm in them having a specific idea of what they’re looking for. It will take a lot of the guesswork out of your hands! 

3. Arrive With or Without Makeup?

Since they are here to get their makeup done, your client does not need to arrive with makeup on. If they do, you can remove it, but tell your client that they have no need to show up with makeup done--you are here to take care of that for them for the day. There is one exception to this: If your client seems nervous and new to makeup appointments, it might be useful to you to see how they usually wear their makeup so you can plan their new look while keeping what they’re comfortable with in mind (though bear in mind whatever you have been hired to do will likely be more glamorous.)

4. Skin Treatments

Skin is delicate, especially after it has gone through a treatment of some sort. So make sure to warn your clients not to schedule appointments for wax, spray tan, laser treatment, microdermabrasion, or other intense skincare treatments too close to their makeup appointment. After such treatments, the skin is especially sensitive and wearing makeup can be extremely uncomfortable. There should be a gap of at least a few days between other intense skin treatments and their appointment with you. Otherwise, they run the risk of an unpleasant makeup appointment--both for them and for you.

5. What to Wear

Your client should not arrive to their makeup appointment already wearing their formalwear. A lot of makeup is powder, and while they can wear a drape to protect the clothes, there’s always a chance of something going wrong, or the clothing getting creased and wrinkled. Instead your client should wear loose, casual and comfortable clothing. There’s two reasons for this one. The first one is pretty straightforward: Your client is going to be sitting still for an extended period of time while you work on their makeup. An outfit with itchy seams or tough fabric or high heeled, pinching shoes will prevent your client from being able to sit still and comfortable.

The other reason for this is that your client will be changing into their formalwear once you’re done working on them. If they arrive for their appointment in tight fitting clothes, like a turtleneck sweater, they run the risk of smearing all that freshly applied makeup while they’re changing. Instead they should wear a loose top with a large neck, or better yet, a button-down, where the garment can be removed without being pulled over the head at all. 

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