How To Prepare Yourself for Cosmetology School

The first day of the beginning of your career can be overwhelming. And it’s important to embrace that: it happens to everyone and is part of the adventure. In no time at all, all the new will become familiar as you acclimate to school and pick up all the skills you need to succeed. Having said that, there are a lot of ways to mitigate that feeling of being overwhelmed and to ensure that the moment you step into Cameo Beauty Academy on day 1, you will be as prepared as possible to focus and get ahead. 

1. Choose Your Career Path

While you can cover all the bases in a cosmetology career, you might just drive yourself crazy. And while a good cosmetology school will give you what you need to thrive in any cosmetology discipline, knowing early which area of cosmetology is your passion will help you focus on that area and give you a clearer goal to help you excel. This can also be a really exciting part of beginning your career--looking around and seeing just how far your cosmetology skills can take you. (For examples of careers you might not have thought, see our post here!) Whether that passion is nail tech, makeup, hair or something else, having the dream job as clear as possible in your head when you get started will help motivate you through every day of training until you get there.

2. Find a Mentor

Find someone in the field who is already doing what you want to do and ask if they are willing to mentor you. A good mentor will take time to answer your questions and is happy to share their own life experience and how they overcame each hurdle to achieve success. Find someone who you’re comfortable talking to, someone who you look up to and whose opinion you would trust. For a good mentor, no question is too small, and there is no thing as a “stupid question.” And don’t be shy about asking someone if they would be your mentor, even if you think there’s no way! You’d be surprised how many people who you might assume are too big or important are just waiting for someone to reach out and are honored and happy to lend an ear and coach you.

3. Speak to Previous Students

Interview previous students of the school and learn about their experiences. Ask them about their favorite teachers, their favorite classes, as well as what they found to be most challenging. A good question to ask in any interview are the things that took them by surprise, both for the better and the worst. This will help you prepare in advance for the unexpected. This is also a good time to ask them what their favorite equipment is, their favorite study methods, and the tools that helped them succeed.

4. Get to Know Your Classmates

These will become your friends and fellow colleagues in your profession. They will also have your back during challenges and work side by side with you to succeed. On your first day (or even before if you already know who your classmates will be) don’t be afraid to say hi, introduce yourself, swap phone numbers and social media details and invite your new classmates to spend time together outside of academia and get to know each other and make friends. It’s never too early to build the support system in your new career and that process begins now.

5. Get to Know Your Teachers

Our teachers and faculty will be there for you every step of the way. Don’t be afraid to lean on them whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, having troubles, or just have a question about your classes or your upcoming career that needs answering. Day one is a great time to introduce yourself, tell your teachers about your passion and if you’ve found it, your choice of path in the cosmetology profession. The more they know about you--your aspirations as well as your challenges--the more they can be there for you and assist you every step of the way, beginning in school and continuing even after you’ve graduated.

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