How to Jump-Start Your Career Post-Graduation

So you’ve completed your amazing cosmetology course at Cameo Beauty Academy, and you’re certified and ready to head out into the big, bad world of careers. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and wondering where on earth to start. Well, wonder no further: here’s your roadmap to success!

1. Connections

More than anything else, your personal connections are what bring you new clients and opportunities. Start by connecting with your teachers, fellow students,  Cameo Beauty Academy graduates and anyone within your industry that you come into contact with. Get their number or their social media and offer them yours in return. If they offer you a chance to collab, go for it! This will give them a chance to see you at work and if you impress them, your foot is in the door. 

2. Keep learning

The world of beauty is constantly evolving faster than ever, so while you might have already earned that degree, your learning is never actually over. Make sure you keep up with the newest trends in hair, nails, makeup and skincare trends so that you can keep delivering to your clients. Learn how to use the newest equipment introduced to your salon so you can offer the best care. And never let yourself get out of practice. A steady flow of clients helps with this immensely, but if you aren't there yet, make sure you are finding other ways to keep practicing, whether it is creating online beauty world content or practicing on friends and family. 

3. Publicize Yourself

Social media is a haven for visual creativity. Post all your jobs, ask clients if you can take before/after photos, and speak to models just starting out and offer to do their hair and makeup for them in exchange for using their faces to promote your business. To get a better idea of what draws the most views and user engagement, look out for established beauty influencers and salon professionals, and see what is getting traffic on their social media accounts, and create some of your own. Or, team up with friends and do a cosmetology-based collab or challenge--in addition to being really fun and challenging you to do your best, it’s also a great way to get more views, as you will be pooling together not just your own followers, but the followers of your fellow collaborators as well!

The key here is to offer quality--you want photos of your work to be clean and high quality, and videos should be well-taken (no shaky cam) and show you at your best. While this used to require a team of professionals, this is now achievable at a relatively low price--get a good tripod, a good light, and learn how to do basic video/photo editing. You’d be amazed at what a few minutes of editing can do for your online content, and how quickly it sets you apart from your competition!

4. Apply, Apply, Apply

Make sure to always keep your eyes open for application opportunities and keep on applying for the jobs you want. Prepare yourself in advance for job interviews by practicing typical questions with friends and family until you have them right. On the day, dress well, show up on time, and give it your all. Potential employers will be impressed by a good attitude, a friendly and professional demeanor (this is the service industry), and of course, a good portfolio of your work--this is where having a strong social media presence where you’ve documented your previous projects really comes in handy!

5. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Try Again

Like with any career, it’s rare that you will get the first job you ever apply for. It might even take a few interviews for you to land that job. Don’t be discouraged by people saying no. Your job is to never doubt yourself, to keep picking yourself and trying again. Let each “no” become the fuel that pushes you to become better, to try harder, and keep going. The only way to truly regret is to give up.

6. Be A Team Player

Once you get the job, it’s time to meet your new coworkers. They might be cautious to meet you, even worried about what change you’ll bring to the work environment. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by that. Keep putting yourself out there, and be willing to be flexible and collaborative. You’ll be coming with your own unique style, but you are joining a team that might have been around for years, with stylists and/or cosmetologists that have been honing their skills for decades. Be ready to listen, adjust, and learn. You’ll be glad for the new skills you get by doing this, and your new coworkers will be glad to work with you knowing that they’re dealing with a partner instead of a dive.

7. Don’t Become Complacent

When starting out in any new career, one of the things that can make the difference immediately between those who have a greater chance to succeed and those who do not is hard work. For instance, you can know any number of people, but until you reach out, they will remain only potential contacts. Keep styling, keep innovating, and keep reaching until you have arrived at wherever it is in your career that you want to be.

With these top tips, you’ll find yourself on the ladder toward your dream career before you know it! But before the career can begin, you need to get that cosmetology certification, and nowhere will you enjoy a higher quality education than Cameo Beauty Academy! Call now to hear about our scholarship for new students and apply to take the first step to your future success today!


You can also continue your education at Cameo Beauty Academy and get your teaching credentials. If you want to begin your cosmetology learning from the top, we also offer complete cosmetology accreditation from the ground up, now with an online option!  

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