How Cosmetology Students, Teachers, and Graduates Can Stay Active During Coronavirus (Even While in Quarantine!)

COVID-19 means that many businesses are no longer allowed to be open and the ones that are carry heavy restrictions, limiting many things, particularly among human contact. Because of this, it goes without saying that businesses that require hands-on interaction--like cosmetology--are struggling to keep their doors open and their customer base engaged. In addition, cosmetology school has moved to online, and you might find yourself with more free time. Below, we have collected our top tips for how to ensure that students and student teachers can stay active and productive and that working graduates won’t have to shutter businesses, can continue to engage your customers, and (dare we say) even grow your following during these challenging times.

1. Hone Your Skills

This one isn’t for engaging audiences, but it is also important and valuable. With the extra time on your hands, it’s a wonderful opportunity to take classes and hone your skills. Cameo Beauty academy is offering online classes for cosmetologists and cosmetology teachers alike. We are pioneering at-home classes that still enable you to stay sharp and keep up with the latest methods in both teaching and applying cosmetology. Keep up with the latest trends in hair, nails, facials, spa care and more, so you’re ready to return to in-person classes or deliver the best when you can reopen the doors of your brick and mortar location. If you have been interested in becoming a professional, now is the time to do it. If you are already a professional, now is the time to gain your teaching credentials

2. Increase Your Social Media Presence

If you don’t yet have social media, now is definitely the time to get it! Cosmetology and beauty is a very visual medium, so we highly recommend Instagram, to post snaps of your favorite looks. But don’t disregard Facebook, Snapchat, or even TikTok! Recreate all of your favorite looks (and keep an eye out for our upcoming blog post on the hottest hair and nails of 2020!) either on yourself or ask a family member to model for you and snap all the pictures! Post time lapse videos or live tutorials of how you created the look as well, to show off your skills and show your current customer base (and potential new customers!) that you’ve got what it takes to bring their style to the next level, and are keeping up with the latest trends. Nothing inspires someone to pay attention to what you have to offer like gorgeous photos and a clear display of skill. For those not yet with clients, it’s never too soon to draw attention to what you’ve learned and your incredible personality! This will come in handy when you’re looking for a future job, and especially so if you plan to strike out on your own upon graduation.

3. Hold an online event

This is a great way to engage your audience all at once and even bring in new faces! For students, it’s a great place to practice your skills and student teachers a great way to practice instructing! Hold an open event where you teach a skill, or an online spa night where everyone enjoys self-care in their own homes while connecting with fellow beauty-interested friends. For those already in the business, it’s a great way to foster a sense of community among your clients and they’ll be grateful that you facilitated the space for them to connect and pamper themselves.

4. Custom Salon Kits

While clients won’t be able to visit the salon, they will still be missing that spa or salon experience they enjoy, and odds are, they’ll be missing a few basics needed to recreate the looks you can give them. Assemble kits that can be delivered in the mail to sell to your clients missing out on their self-care day! Whether it’s a hair-care kit, a mani/pedi kit, or a facial kit, these beautiful custom gift packages give your clients the supplies they need to feel beautiful even while in lockdown. Make sure that your brand is splashed all over these kits, whether it be with branded items (if you’ve got the cash for that lying around in these challenging times) or even by placing a sticker or personal note in the package, so the clients will remember you every time they treat themselves. 

5. Gift Cards

For graduates who are already working in salons of their own, here’s another great way for you to stay in the green when the clients can’t come in person. Market and sell gift cards that your customers can cash in once they can see you in person again. They make great Mother’s Day gifts, bridal gifts, gifts for friends--let’s be real, who doesn’t want to get a gift card for pampering? There are also many people who are eager to support small businesses and looking for a way to do so. This gives them a perfect opportunity to give back to local gems like yours while also giving them something to look forward to when life returns to normal.

We hope that these tips above enhance your COVID-19 experience and keep the clients coming back (and even multiplying) both during this crisis and once it’s over. There is never a better time to sharpen up your skills than today. Contact Cameo Beauty now to enroll in our Cosmetology and Cosmetology Instructor classes. Call us to get started and enjoy the feeling of getting out of quarantine with more skills and confidence than when you began!

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