Hottest Nail Trends Fall 2020

Nails can be the finishing touch to any outfit. They can add elegance to the everyday business casual, and a pop of fun to Sunday lounging clothes. They are incredibly customizable, and new designs and colors pop up almost every day to experiment with. This autumn, we are seeing some trends of summer 2020 hang out for longer, as well as some new looks arising. Here are seven of the hottest nail trends of Fall 2020.


1. Metallics

Big shocker, after the splash they made in winter, it seems like metallics are here to stay for another season. They can pair with anything, from formal wear--color it to match your jewelry--to business looks, to casual night out, to even a day on the beach. It’s an instant pop of drama that doesn’t steal all the attention, but still makes a statement. Mixed metallics are in fashion in nails right now just like in jewelry, so don’t be afraid to have fun with this. 



2. Yellow

We’re excited for this one! Yellow nail polish is enjoying a moment this fall. It’s so youthful, fun and happy, and adds lightness to your overall look. Make sure to pick a shade of yellow that compliments your skin tone--cooler tones should go for a more greenish yellow, while warmer tones can opt for more sunset, golden shades of the color. Yellow is great when you’re wearing simpler colors--jeans, black, tans, white and nudes, among others. 



3. Black

Black and vampire nails are hugely popular right now. In addition to a full nail of black--trending in both shiny and matte--there is also a higher demand for black detailing over a nude nail. Black works wonders are adding gravity to a look, being an obvious hit at Halloween parties, but it also pairs well with formal looks. It’s a dramatic nail choice, though, so it’s more challenging to work into simpler, more casual ensembles unless your fashion of choice runs more toward goth.  



4. Embellishments

Both painted on and glued on, embellishments are back in style. We’ve seen both stones added on an accent nail, or all the nails, and being incorporated in the nail design. It’s a luxurious look and might make you intimidated to use your nails for much, so we recommend saving this one for special occasions. 



5. Nude colors

Nudes are also here to stay another season. And we can see why--they look so classic and are deceptively simple. Unlike some of the bolder choices on this list, a nude nail will match literally anything you’re wearing, while still adding a polished, elegant note to your ensemble. 



6. Pastels

In sharp contrast to bright yellows and bold blacks, pastels are also enjoying a moment. Unlike their bolder counterpoints, they lend a softer note to the overall look and can be very fun. Mix and match your color choices here--you don’t need the same color for each nail, or even one color per nail! We’ve seen pastel with an accent nail, pastel New French manicure, with a different colored nail tip to contrast, as well as a soft rainbow of pastel nails for each hand. It’s easier to mix and match without your nails completely stealing the spotlight, and pastels tend to go in and out of style, so take a moment to enjoy this while it lasts!



7. Each Nail Different

We’ve touched on this in a few of the other trends above, but it’s worth mentioning on its own. Fall 2020 is all about variety! Different styles and colors on each nail are really in right now, and the options to experiment with are so fun! Word of warning, this trend is a bit of a challenge to pull off, since the more material you are working with, the more difficult it is to get everything to match. But if you get it right, it is oh so gorgeous!

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