Hottest Makeup Trends of Winter 2020

With Winter hair and nails covered, we’ve got just one more for you to peruse and it’s just as important: makeup. No look is complete without it and winter 2020 is bringing with it some fun and festive trends. Here’s a quick review of our favorites for you to try for yourself and/or share with your clients!


1. Matching Eyes & Lips

This one is fun and great for the holiday season. The look is created simply--match the same shade of eye shadow of liner to your lipstick of choice--but the devil’s in the details. Clean lines make or break this look, and the colors need to match; a shade off and the look is broken and will look like the wrong kind of too much.


2. Simple & Fresh Faced

This is the “no-makeup” look taken to the next level. With a very subtle application that does nothing except emphasize already existing features and adds an overall dewy, fresh look. This look is perfect for  clients who don’t like to look like they’ve pancaked on the makeup, and classic brides who want to go for a natural look on their special day while still looking fabulous in all their photos.


3. Lower Lash Liner

This one is enjoying quite the moment this winter, and we can see why! It makes the eyes pop dramatically without being overwhelming. A popular color is frost-white or ice-blue, but we’ve seen other colors as well--deep reds, bright pinks and more. Pick the color based on the outfit--either a match or complementary.


4. Brushed Out Brows

Eyebrows are enjoying their own statement this winter. While the perfect neat lines of eyebrows are still fashionable, more and more we are seeing a brushed out eyebrow with a far more natural, untamed look. Brushed out brows can be accompanied by a simple, more natural look, like the model above, but we’ve also see it paired with bold eyeliners and eyeshadows or a bold lip--but please, don’t do all three!


5. Dramatic Shadow

Dramatic eyeshadow is back and it is making statements! The key to this look working is the subtle blending of various shades of the same color--all dramatic tones, but applied in a distinct ombre that rolls seamlessly from one corner of the eye to another. This is one for the blending proteges and when done correctly can take a relatively simple ensemble and turn it into a perfect background for this bold eye. 


6. Vampy Lips

Deep, bold lipstick has survived fall and is getting deeper and bolder in the winter. A festive pop of color for the holiday season or a dramatic touch for an evening, this lip is guaranteed to draw the eye and complete any look. Just remember to set it so that your face mask doesn’t spread that color everywhere; we want a vampy lip, not a vampy face.

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