Exciting Career Prospects for Your Cosmetology Degree

Many of us are aware of the traditional uses for your cosmetology degree: hair stylist, makeup artist, nail tech, esthetician, etc. but did you know that there are other areas where you could apply it? Here are five more career options that start with your cosmetology degree that you might not have been aware of!

Fashion Show Stylist

The fashion runway isn’t all about clothes. Every aspect of a runway look is carefully cultivated, whether that be the outfit, the jewelry, the footwear, or the hair and makeup. And those last two are where you come in. This is a great option for anyone who has a huge passion for fashion in addition to cosmetology. If you have a knack for being on the cutting edge of trends and how to pair them with couture into stunning looks, this is a great career path for you to consider.

Advertising Stylist

This one will push your skills to the next level. An advertising stylist needs to be able to accommodate hair and makeup needs for any advertisement--whether your model is being filmed or photographed. You will be constantly adapting to new brand looks and messages and it will be your job to cultivate a makeup and hair esthetic to match, whether that be “average” and everyday, or show stopping. This pursuit will keep you constantly innovating in all corners of cosmetology--nail tech; hair care, styling and coloring, and of course, makeup. This is a great career path for those who love variety and the rush of collaborating with marketing teams on tight schedules.

Brand Artistic Director

This one can be tricky, but if you have a good eye for future trends and a passion for pursuing them, you can go far. Your job will include predicting these future trends and helping cultivate a brand message that speaks to them, particularly the look. If you are a conceptual artist who loves marrying together messages with your cosmetology work, odds are you will enjoy this immensely. Unlike the more nomadic options above, Brand Artistic Director is a great career for artists who love to find that one project or company that really speaks to them, and join the team long-term to keep growing that brand and helping it succeed.

Platform Artist

Back on the road we go. Platform artists hold a unique position in that their work isn’t only a canvas to showcase other’s work, but instead a career showcasing the art of cosmetology itself. Platforms artists take makeup, hair, and more from its usual position behind the scenes and place it front and center. This career includes on-stage performances of your craft, with flair and pizzaz and requires a keen level of mastery, not just of cosmetology itself, but performance art. Platform artists are often called upon to perform live product demonstrations by various beauty brands, and can also compete with each other on different platforms--sometimes even on TV. As such, this isn’t a good career option if you don’t enjoy the limelight, but if you do? This is your place to shine.

Beauty Writer

Do you love cosmetology and have a passion for telling others about it? A beauty writer does just that, whether they are reviewing upcoming/past trends, predicting new ones, or giving insights into various techniques or the cosmetology industry itself. Fashion and Style magazines look for beauty writers who know what they’re talking about and love the craft so they can lend legitimacy and interesting reads to their publications. This is a great pursuit for someone who enjoys flexible hours, and of course, loves to write. It can be quieter and lonelier though, and you need to be thick-skinned enough to handle the critique of others--all writers do. But if this is your niche and you don’t mind constructive criticism, you could thrive in this field.


With all these options, it has never been more exciting to start out in the field of cosmetology, whether you choose to follow a more traditional path or branch out into one of these lesser known, but no less exciting career paths.


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