Critters on Your Fingertips: Fuzzy Nails vs. Hairy Nails

In recent years, we’ve seen magnetic nail polish


. . . the two-tone crackle look . . .


And some pretty outrageous adornments, including the Caviar Manicure, a.k.a. “Bubble Nails.”


But the latest nail art fad may take the cake:


To be certain, there’s a difference between Hairy Nails (above) and Fuzzy/Velvet Nails (below) which, according to the beauty blogosphere and several Youtube tutorials, have been making the rounds since at least 2012.


One way to create the Fuzzy/ Velvet Nails look is to sprinkle and press craft flocking powder over color-coordinated polish. Flocking powder consists of hundreds of tiny fiber particles, which can be sprinkled over a layer of painted-on adhesive to create a thin, felt-like surface on anything from the insides of jewelry boxes to the heads of dolls and animal decoys. To that end, you can typically find flocking powder in a range of colors at a craft or hobby store.

But how did we go from Muppet-inspired fingertips to long clumps of faux fur seemingly growing out of the nailbeds of runway models?

One of the most talked-about examples of the trend is label Libertine’s autumn/winter runway show at New York Fashion Week back in September.

Credit: Getty Images

According to, Libertine was founded in 2001 by Jason Hartig, an LA-based designer. The ready-to-wear men’s and women’s fashions are described as “a whimsical trip where old school classics meet new school know-how . . . an avant garde approach to deconstruction by way of customizing recycled items, thus breathing new life into designs from yesteryear.”

Jan Arnold, called “Fashion’s First Lady of Nails,” is Style Director for Creative Nail Design and is credited with creating the look for Libertine. Arnold told Cosmopolitan magazine that she started with CND product Vinylux Weekly Polish in neutral taupe and cream shades, followed with topcoat, then carefully layered on brown and white faux fur.

Admittedly, the look sort of seemed to fit with soft, cozy sweaters at the time. But now that the rest of the population is dressed for winter and the trend has trickled down to Instagram nail artists, how do we wash our hands?

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