Best Winter Hair Trends of 2020

Autumn is officially over, and that means it’s time to check out the latest trends of winter, including hair styles! Hair is going in some fun directions this winter, and we want to keep you posted on all of them so you can try them out and serve your clients with brilliant looks from the first snow to the last. We’ve gone for a fun mix of complex to simpler looks so each client will walk away happy--whether they’re high risk and at home, or a necessary worker who spends time outside and is looking for a statement.


1. Double Buns

Coming up first is a simpler look, but so much fun. The double bun is a new take in the half-pony, but instead of a ponytail, it’s a bun, and instead of one, it’s two! It’s easy for this look to look sloppy or confusing, so the key to this look is clean lines and clean parts. The rest of the hair let free and natural to curl or wave behind the double bun. This one is a cutie and great for a chill time indoors or a fun day out.


2. Slick Ponytail

This one looks easier than it is, and requires some maintenance. Again, perfect hair parts make or break this look, so part carefully, and cut the hair to the required lengths--shorter up front for even bangs that split in the middle, while leaving the back even and long for the perfect ponytail. A little curve in the hair both for the bangs and the ponytail complete this slick look that is great for those who want to look chic but keep their hair out of their face.


3. Natural Bangs

We told you winter was bringing in some exciting new looks! Natural bangs haven’t been in for donkey’s years, but they’re back, and we couldn't be happier. Away with the ironed bangs, down with the claims that curly and natural haired clients can’t have a bangs moment, because now the sky's the limit. Based on your or your clients wishes, feel free to leave them thick and springing around your face, or feel free to thin them out a bit for a more sedate look. Fun is the operative word around here, so don’t be afraid to experiment!


4. Blink and You Miss ‘Em Waves

Waves are getting subtler and subtler and we have now arrived at ‘barely there.’ But you can still see them, and they are great at adding life and flow to your or your client’s hair. To create this look, the hair must be straight and the light waves applied afterward for a subtle but sophisticated look.


5. Pop of Color

Who says shaved hair has to always look the same? This is a great accent for anyone who likes to keep their hair shaved close to the head. It’s unlimited in choice of colors and open to so much customization. Let your client pick a color that suits them and complements their skin tone, eyes, or just makes them happy. Then select a section of the hair and dye it to match and they’re good to go.


6. Lobs

Lobs are enjoying a moment in 2020 and winter is bringing with it new variations. Try the angled lob, as shown by the model above, or branch out with subtle bangs or an uneven cut. This look is great for clients who want a low-maintenance hairstyle that is guaranteed to deliver maximum cute for minimum minutes spent with equipment in front of the mirror.


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