Best Spring Nail Trends 2021

Spring is here and with it continued relief from COVID-19. That means more time out and about enjoying the warming weather and attending classes in person again! What better way to celebrate than to decorate your nails and your clients nails to match! Here are some of our favorite nail trends we’ve been seeing for Spring 2021.


1. Rainbow French

French manicures are still here more than ever and they’re getting a colorful upgrade to celebrate spring! The rainbow French manicure is a fun take on what was previously a very classic and more serious look, but it’s still a great option for clients who work in the professional sphere. Extra care generally needs to be taken with French manicured nails, since the design is on the edge, making this a great option for clients whose work demand won’t run it aground, like teachers and office workers. 


2. Pop of Sparkle

This is a great one for clients who want to look fun but don’t enjoy too much pizzazz. They can pick a classic color for most of the nails (olive is very in right now as a color) and then select a sparkly color or varnish for an accent nail that complements the rest. If they're anticipating a special event they can match the nail color to the ensemble or makeup and the accent nail to the jewelry for a truly stunning and classic look. But the pop of sparkle isn’t only reserved for elegant moments--it’s also a simple and fun look for any occasion.


3. Color Split

Is your client having trouble choosing between too many colors and running out of space? While a few years back this would have been a problem, today there’s really no such thing as too much color if you know how to lay it out right. And the color Split is a fine example of just how you can achieve that. Let the client choose up to ten colors and then play around with the location of each one, splitting each nail between two colors. Don’t worry too much about complementary colors or other matching concerns--this look works best when it comes off as whimsical, free-spirited, and fun, which means overthinking is the enemy here. 


4. Flowers

Flowers--especially realistic ones like the hand model displayed above--are coming back this spring! This nail art is beautiful and reminds us why we’re so excited to see spring come back in the first place. There are two methods to go with in creating this look--either painting the flowers on yourself, or placing pre-done nail flowers and giving them a stern top-coat to keep them in place. This is a great look both for clients who want to add color and freshness to a typical evening look, as well as for casual wear for those who want to bring spring with them wherever they go, making it a lovely choice for nine-to-fivers. It’s also a fairly low maintenance look, since the flowers don’t stick out like gems would, and the rest of the nail remains nude or clear, so your client doesn’t have to worry about chipping a nail and ruining the look.


5. Complementary Colors

This one is a cool mix of fun and elegant. The outer portion of the nail gets one color while the inner portion gets a complimentary color to pull the look together. This is a great way to go for outfit matching, or adding a pop of classic color to an otherwise simple ensemble. It’s low maintenance and you don’t have to worry about chipping as much, like you would with a French manicure, so it makes it a good option for clients who work with their hands a lot but still want a classy look to complement their work.


6. Geometric Shapes

This is for the client who wants one color but also wants to have fun with it. Geometric Shapes can take advantage of all the shades and hues of a specific color, drawing them in neat blocks for a look that is fun and screams spring, without looking too whimsical. This look can be achieved in a variety of ways--either by drawing in the shapes as seen above, or  giving it a more “stained glass” look by outlining each shape in thin black or white stripes. Stripes are a great way to go for beginners since you can use them to clean up the lines after painting in the colors, giving the nail a neat finish. 

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