10 Hair and Nail Trends Your Clients Will Be Asking About this Winter

The new Roaring 20’s are almost upon us and your salon clients are going to want cutting edge looks to bring in the new decade. Here are some gorgeous nail and hair trends your clients will be begging you to recreate this winter!

Let’s start with nails:

New French

French manicures are back! This 90’s favorite is reappearing all over fashion houses and social media, but with a twist. Regular white tips are being swapped out for tips of all colors and textures. The Reverse French has been gaining popularity as well, with trendsetters adding a stripe of color to their cuticles instead of the nail tips. Prepare to innovate on color and design with this hot new look!




Step aside ombre! Swirl a second or even third shade through the base color to achieve this chic look. It’s a classic and works for anything--casual, formal, and fun. Social media is abuzz with this new style, whether it’s a fun neon splash or a swirled silver topped with gold leaf reminiscent of real marble.




Appliques are breaking into mainstream more than ever this winter! Pearls in particular have been rising in popularity, with Instagram abuzz with gorgeous and elegant looks. Whether it’s a few tiny pearls applied sporadically or large, statement gems, take advantage of this trend to let your clients add extra bling to their look--on their fingertips!




Influencers are swapping out the common glossy finish for a more formal, austere look with matte nail finishes. Popular colors are a testament to the holidays--deep reds, forest greens, and icy blues as well as cobalt grey. A word of advice though: Don’t apply matte to clients if their skin has become dry or red from the cold. The dryer, chalkier matter look can draw unwanted attention to these flaws.




Sheers & Nudes with Subtle Designs

Winter is bringing with it a simple sheer nail, a sweet and elegant look that pairs with anything. Trendsetters are fond of working a simple sheer or nude nail with a subtle stripe of color, or accent shapes or appliques. Definitely a look you’ll be asked about this winter!



Now let’s have a look at the Hair!

High Ponytail

Hair stylists rejoice! Your long-haired clients will be delighted when you do them up in a high ponytail. The sky is no longer the limit, with influencer toting their hair in a tight bind on top of their head to waterfall elegantly down. Consider pairing it with a few blinged out hair clips, which are also coming back this season.



A Bob

Chin length bobs are coming back in a big way, with celebrities and influencers both showing off this chic, classic look. Whether it’s a side-swept bob with loose waves, a blunt bob that curls toward the chin, or a tight, slicked-back bob, you need only check the runways to see all the ways stars and models are rocking small hair!




Speaking of small hair, the pixie cut isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! A great look for those clients who want to look great with hours of maintenance everyday, the pixie is an on-trend solution. Slick pixie cuts close to the head are competing with slightly grown-out pixies for cutest pixie of the season, but if you ask us, they are both a win. 



Deep Side Part

No matter the length of your clients hair, there is a way for them to take advantage of deep side parts currently seen on red carpets and runways. Celebrities like Mandy Moore and Sophie Turner are key examples on how chic this hairstyle is, whether your hair is long or short, dark or light colored. This is a great suggestion for that client that wants to freshen up their style but isn’t ready for you to commit to a deep hair cut.



Natural Roots

Whether your client aims for pixie, bob, long or short, natural roots are a great way to add flair and sophistication to a hair style. Let them grow out their last dye job a little longer than normal, or consider shying away from the hair roots in a new dye job. Feel free to let the dye job ombre into their natural hair style, or shock with a sudden change from natural color to a flamboyant neon or classic silver.


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