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Enrollment/Registration Fee Waiver for December and January Enrollees!

This holiday season and New Year, give yourself the gift of expert, hands-on cosmetology training – and we will give you !00% off enrollment/registration fees!

New Years 2015: Stand Resolved with Cameo Beauty Academy

Stand resolved to make a real, impactful and immediate change in your life this year.

Stand resolved to begin growing your skill set immediately.

Stand resolved to take charge of your career. Stand resolved to use your creativity to build confidence in others.

Stand resolved to improve your life and the lives of others.

Stand resolved to try something new.

Stand resolved to take on new challenges and learn new techniques.

Stand resolved to learn from instructors who care about you and your individual goals.

Stand resolved to stay on the cutting edge of trends and styles in a fast-paced, exciting career field.

Stand resolved to see the outcome/results of your work and receive the client satisfaction you deserve.

The Magic 8 Things To Look For when Deciding On Your Cosmetology School

Choosing to continue your education is a big step, no matter what institution you attend or what you study. The following eight factors are critical to successful training in several career fields, but they’re especially important  in the beauty and cosmetology industry.

Enroll in February or March and Your Down Payment for Registration/Equipment Fees are Waived!

Enroll in February or March and Your Down Payment for Registration/Equipment Fees are Waived!



Cameo Beauty Academy: Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

At Cameo, we recognize and value the fact that each student is different. (Seriously, our instructors and clients would get really bored if all of you were the same.)  And while our staff is here for you to answer questions about your individual cosmetology career, we’ve noticed that prospective students have a lot of the same initial, burning questions on their mind. So here they are, in no particular order. This information (and more!) is all available on our website, but we’ve laid it out here, plain and simple, in our Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions:


“Believe in Yourself,” and Other Words of Wisdom from Ms. Pat

Spend any amount of time reading Cameo Beauty Academy’s online testimonials and Facebook reviews, and you will see several of our instructors praised and thanked by name. Among them is the hairdresser/instructor/mentor extraordinaire known to nearly all Cameo students and graduates as “Ms. Pat,” who has been teaching at Cameo “forever,” according to administrators.

In a recent interview for this blog, Ben Mollin, season one finalist from Bravo’s  “Shear Genius,” called Ms. Pat “a spitfire of a woman . . . She was just a cool chick. She was like that art teacher who just sort of resonated with you, that you just enjoy. She didn’t necessarily make it feel like I was there as a student, she treated me as an individual.”

We caught up with Ms. Pat herself at the end of another full day of teaching, to hear her side of the story about Cameo and its students.

“Pay Your Dues”: Interview with Cameo Grad Laurie Cepkauskas

Laurie Cepkauskas loves Cameo Beauty Academy, and she wants you to know it.

 “I traveled 45 minutes each way every day for class because that’s how much I loved that school,” professes Laurie, a 2007 graduate who has been featured on Laurie is currently Head Designer at Jeffrey Lamorte Salon and Spa, where she’s worked ever since she graduated. (How’s that for stability?) Read on to learn more about  why she chose Cameo (and why she thinks others should), how she landed a job at a premier salon right out of school, how she handled a particularly awkward client situation, and more.

Pompadour and Circumstance: Why the Class of 2015 Should Consider Cosmetology School

The day has finally come.  The caps are tossed, the tassels are turned and the diplomas are finally in hand. The world is full of possibilities.

Or is it?

Interview with Nikki Hath: “The Lifestyle Is What You Make It”

Nikki Hath is a 2003 graduate of Cameo Beauty Academy who now owns her own salon space with Sola Salon Studios in Orland Park, IL. She loves purple, loves being her own boss and believes firmly that training from Cameo is the ideal first step in a successful cosmetology career. Read on to learn how she took that first step, (and conquered all the steps after that) with help from Cameo.

Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Cosmetology School (That Have Nothing to do with Cosmetology)

A 2013 study by McKinsey Consulting (detailed here* in Forbes magazine by Susan Adams) reported that a staggering one-half of surveyed college graduates would go back and either study something completely different, and /or choose a different school, if given the chance.


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