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“Believe in Yourself,” and Other Words of Wisdom from Ms. Pat

Spend any amount of time reading Cameo Beauty Academy’s online testimonials and Facebook reviews, and you will see several of our instructors praised and thanked by name. Among them is the hairdresser/instructor/mentor extraordinaire known to nearly all Cameo students and graduates as “Ms. Pat,” who has been teaching at Cameo “forever,” according to administrators.

In a recent interview for this blog, Ben Mollin, season one finalist from Bravo’s  “Shear Genius,” called Ms. Pat “a spitfire of a woman . . . She was just a cool chick. She was like that art teacher who just sort of resonated with you, that you just enjoy. She didn’t necessarily make it feel like I was there as a student, she treated me as an individual.”

We caught up with Ms. Pat herself at the end of another full day of teaching, to hear her side of the story about Cameo and its students.

As a Redken Premiere School, Cameo graduates are preferred by over 30,000 Redken 5th Avenue Salons throughout the United States.
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