Cosmetology Course Graduation Requirements

  1. Satisfactory progress in both written and practical work has been maintained at 80% or above.
  2. Satisfactory attendance has been maintained at 67% or above.
  3. All tuition requirements have been met
  4. Final school examinations both written and practical have been passed with a score of 80% or above.
  5. Student has achieved 1500 clock hours.

Upon completion of the required hours, and all other graduation requirements having been met, the school will issue a diploma.

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Students can start classes almost any Tuesday!
For enrollment information call 708-636-4660 or fill out the Admissions Information Form

THREE Schedules Are Available

For the Cosmetology Course

*Full-time Day
*Part-time Day/Morning
*Part-time Evening
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As a Redken Premiere School, Cameo graduates are preferred by over 30,000 Redken 5th Avenue Salons throughout the United States.
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